We are all aware of the importance of cleaning our hands, so it is time to know that we can have our products for daily use cleaner and bacteria-free.
Liska sterilization boxes are the solution to disinfect and sterilize small objects. With a simple operation you will have your sterilized objects in a few minutes.

Products in contact with the body can be easily sterilized with our two models SV-ZUV01 and SV-ZUV02.
Mobile phone, face masks, jewelry, watches, keys, toothbrush, makeup brush ... Liska SV-ZUV devices are designed to disinfect small objects with 99% efficiency

Still don't have your sterilizer box?
Enter our Online Store to see all models.
SV-ZUV01 is available in black and white.
And it has options for UV ultraviolet sterilization and aromatherapy.
The SV-ZUV02 model has 4 fun colors and uses two disinfection processes: UV ultraviolet light and OZONE disinfection.
You can also use it as a wireless charger, if your mobile phone allows it.
What's cool ?!
At you have all the information
about the operation of these new devices.

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